How to install the Point of Sale software on Windows

This article is for anyone who needs to know how to install the Point of Sale software on Windows.



To start you will need to download the software. At the time of this writing you will need to go to and click the Windows Installer. It will download then you will need to start the installation.




The installation windows will be as follows :



After you click Finish the Setup Wizard will start. It will ask for the email address and password used to signup with Pinogy. If you do not know it check with the store owners or with Support (877-360-7381) as we keep a record of those to assist with installations. Once entered in click on Sign In.


If you have not created an account with Pinogy click on +Create New Account at the bottom and complete the signup.


After clicking the Sign In button it should continue to asking for the Device Name and if this account has multiple locations there will be a drop-down to Select a location. Choose the location if needed and then click Next.

You should then get a window labeled Finish. Click Finish.


After clicking Finish the software will be installed and you can open the different components of the software.

Ensure the following are done before finishing a call after a reinstalling the POS.


If this computer that the software was is to be used as a register then the receipt printer will need to be set and the pinpad will need to be linked to the register.

Also to assign the correct Tray


If you have any questions please call us at 877-360-7381.