How to use Bonus Bucks as a Product

This article is for anyone who needs to use Bonus Bucks as a product


Bonus Bucks can now be used as a product that deducts from the sale total so they are not affected by taxes.

To use them in this way first you will need to create a Bonus Bucks Product in the Product component. Give it an SKU and a Barcode. Its category can be set to something like Gift Cards.

On the Global Settings tab go to the Extended Action section and put a check in Enable Extended Action. Set the drop-down menu to be Bonus Bucks. Set the Product Type drop-down to Liability.

In the Loyalty website you will need to set the way that the Bonus bucks can be used. This will be under Bonus Bucks Settings. You can set the increment amount and the minimum sale amount they can be used on. What percentage of a sale and the expiration time of Bonus Bucks will also be there. Hit update after any changes are made to save them.

Bonus bucks can now be applied to a sale. You can use Quick Buttons or a barcode for the Bonus Bucks. The system will check to make sure the customer has enough bonus bucks to reach the minimum increment and that the sale total is also at the minimum amount. It will automatically apply the maximum increment that the sale will allow. For example, if the sale item is $10.99 and the increment is $5 then it will apply up to $10 in bonus Bucks if the customer has that amount. If the customer had less than $10 but more than $5 in Bonus Bucks then it would apply $5 worth of Bonus Bucks to the sale.

The Bonus Bucks will be subtracted from the customer's total once the sale is completed.




If you are using Bonus Bucks this way you should probably also remove Bonus Bucks from the standard payments. If you do not then cashiers may continue to use them that way instead of as a product.