How to Edit Aspect Ratios on Pet Type Ad Cards

This article is for anyone who needs to edit Pet Type Ad Cards



Support has been enabled to allow alternative image aspect ratios on the fly for the Pet Type Ad Cards.

  1. Open Pet Tracker

  2. Go to the Settings tab

  3. It should default to Pet Types but if not Click the Pet Types tab

  4. Select the Pet Type that you want to edit the Ad Card images on.

  5. Click on the Ad Cards tab.

  6. Click the Pencil icon to edit an Image.


Once you have opened the Ad Card image you want to edit. you can use the Aspect Ratio drop down menu to change which aspect to use. Once you have select the aspect ratio you want and move it’s selection within the image click Crop and Save to save that selection.

The different aspect ratios are shown in the following image :

Save all changes once done.