How to set a Payment Type Fee

This article is for anyone who needs to set a fee on a certain type of payment.


Payment Type Fee support has been added to the system. This will allow you to add a percentage to any payment type when accepting a payment associated with that payment type.

Notification and legal requirements tied to adding a fee onto payments can vary by jurisdiction, so please confirm any legal or contract requirements that might apply to you before enabling this feature.

 Adding a fee to financing charges can affect usury so again consult with your legal department before adding a payment fee to any financing payment types.

To set the Payment Fee :

  1. Open Settings and Configuration

  2. Click on the Payments tool button.

  3. Click on the Payment Types tab.

  4. Select the Payment Type you want to edit.

  5. Open the Payment Type by clicking on Manage at the bottom right of the screen

  6. Change the Payment Fee % to the rate you wish to charge.

  7. Click Save to save the changes.

Once this fee has been enabled, you will receive a message about the total amount owed for any associated payment method when that payment message is selected in the cash register.

The fee will then show under payments.

And also on the customer receipt.