POS 2.77 Release Notes (2023-11-14)

Features and Enhancements

  • How reports and invoices get generated has been updated for increased stability and reliability. You will now see a pop-up window appear when you go to generate a report. The report will then be generated on our servers instead of locally and will download to your system once it's ready.

  • There is now an option to quickly switch a customer between PETZ accounts. This
    is useful for when a husband and wife share one POS customer account.

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Editing Frequent Buyer purchasing now includes the ability to specify the price that the item should be included.

  • Adding line-level notes in the sales screen has been fixed.

  • There is a new 1.25"x1" product label that includes the description, small barcode, and SKU, but no price is now available.

  • Ask for Price product option now works in conjunction with an Astro Frequent Buyer free redemption.

  • There is a new option to have replacement products apply to all locations instead
    of having to apply them individually to each location.

  • There is a new prompt when you save a scan verification to confirm that the received quantities will be updated, and giving you the option to close the scan verification to prevent future scan updates.

Beta Features

  • Initial support for Repeat Orders has been added to the system.

  • A consumer-facing tablet to help ensure you have accurate customer information when selling a pet is now available for beta testing.