Pinogy POSHow To install a Star TSP143III Network Receipt Printer on Windows

How To install a Star TSP143III Network Receipt Printer on Windows

How to install a Star TSP100LAN Ethernet Printer on Windows OS using the futurePRNT Driver/Configuration Utility package. This document also includes instructions for assigning a Static IP Address.

 Installing Windows (futurePRNT) Driver

  1. If there are drivers already installed, uninstall the current drivers before continuing.

  2. Download the driver from the Star Micronics Global Support Site.

  3. Search for TSP143III in the search box, and select the resulting record.


  4. Download the TSP 100 futurePRNT Software Setup EXE File by clicking on Download.


  5. Click “I Agree” in the prompt


  6. Click on DOWNLOAD


  7. Save the resulting file to your downloads folder, and then launch the file once the download has finished.

  8. If you receive a UAC Permission prompt, click on Yes.

  9. Once the installer screen opens, click on “Next”, and continue through the installer choosing the default options.

 Ethernet Printer Installation (Static)

  1. Determine the printer’s IP Address on the network. This can be done by performing a self-test page.

    1. Ensure the printer power is off and that it is connected to the network.

    2. Press and hold the FEED button in the front while turning the power switch on.

    3. Release the FEED button after approximately three seconds.

  2. The printer outputs the first page of the self-test showing hardware settings. About ten seconds later, the next self-test print showing network configuration. The bottom of this second printout shows the IP Address, as displayed below.


    Note: If the IP Address line feeds “ (Didn’t obtain)”, the printer did not receive an IP Address.

  3. Note: Using a Static IP Address, means that the IP Address will not change on the printer side and will remain the same until the printer is reset to factory mode.

  4. You are looking for a receipt that looks like the below image.


  5. Open the LAN & Bluetooth Setup Tool (Windows Start button → All Apps → StarMicronics)



  6. Let the utility search for the printer.



  7. Once the printer is discovered, click on Configuration



  8. Click Login after the TSP100III Network Utility page loads.


  9. Username is root and the password is public.


  10. When you receive a popup about changing your password, press Cancel.


  11. Click IP Parameters


  12. Select Static and then click Submit


  13. The Static address should be accepted and then click Save


  14. Select Save – Configuration printing – Restart device. Click Execute


  15. A configuration page will print from the printer


  16. Click on Discovery in the utility, so that it will pick the changes made on the printer.


  17. Click on Printer Queue


  18. If desired, change the Printer Queue or set as Default Printer. Place a checkmark next to Print Test Page and click on Apply.


  19. Click on Printer Queue

    A window will appear click Yes


  20. A windows test-page will print out confirming that the TSP100 Lan was successfully installed


  21. In Devices and Printer, the TSP100 Lan will be listed there.


  22. Right click on on the printer and choose Printer properties.

  23. Click on Device Settings


  24. Click on Document Cut Type and change it to No Cut.


  25. Click on Apply to save the change


  26. Open the Cash Register Application


  27. Go to Settings


  28. Choose the Printer in the Printer dropdown