How to save Payment information for a customer

This article is for anyone who needs to save payment information for a customer.


To use this the Saved Payments Add-on has to be turned on. This is a free add-on. To activate it

  1. Open Settings and Configuration

  2. Click on the Add Ons tab.

  3. Click on the New Add Ons tab. If it is not here then check the My Add Ons tab and see if it already turned on.

  4. Select the Saved Payments add-on.

  5. Either double click the add-on or highlight it and click on Details.

  6. Click on Create.

To save a Credit Card manually without the card being present :

  1. Go to the Cash Register.

  2. Click on the Customer tab

  3. Find and select the customer.

  4. Either double click on the customer or select them and click on Manage

  5. In the Manage Customer window click on the Saved Payments tab.

  6. Click Save a Card.

  7. It will prompt to use the Pinpad to save a card that is present or Manual to enter one that is not present (over the phone etc)

  8. This window will pop up if Manual is selected. Enter in the Card number and the Expiration Date.

  9. Click Save in the Enter the card number window.

  10. Click Save in the Manage Customer window.