How to turn on and use the Tips addon.

This article is for anyone who needs to turn on the Tips addon and how to use it.

To turn on Tips

  1. Open the Employee Dashboard

  2. Click on the Settings tab

  3. Click on the Rewards tab

  4. Click on the Tips tab.

  5. Check the Tips checkbox to turn it on.

  6. Click Save to save the changes.

Tips during sales

A line item will now appear that says Tip and will have a pencil for it to be edited.

It will also appear on the Payment Window and can be edited there.


When the pencil is clicked in either window it will bring up the Commissions/Tips window. There the tip can be added where it says Enter Tip. It can either be typed directly or click the grid next to it to bring up a numberpad to enter the tip amount. The employee getting the tip can be selected with the Employee Drop down menu. Click Save when done.

The Tip numberpad :



If the tip needs to be split then click the Plus to add additional employees. The X will remove the recipient. The Tip percentage can be set then for each receipent. It can be typed or click the grid to bring up a number pad. The Split button below will automatically split the tip percentage evenly among all recipients. Make sure to set the dropdown menu correctly for each employee getting a tip. If you leave and reenter the tip editor it will add a No Tip button that will remove and tip amount if needed.

If the No Tip button is clicked it will prompt to be sure :




After the tip is saved it will show up in the line items on the sale.



The tip can be edited again by clicking the pencil.