How to Use and Add Quick Buttons

This article is for anyone who needs to add Quick Buttons to the Cash Register.


Many stores find it helpful to add quick buttons for use with commonly sold items. They are also very useful for items that don’t have labels with barcodes or bulk items.


How to use Quick Buttons

To use a quick button is very easy :

  1. Select the tab of a quick button you want to use.

  2. Select the product to add to a sale or child button you want to get to more products.

    1. If a child button was chosen it would take the user to another set of either child buttons or products.

    2. Once a product is selected it is added to the sale. Multiple products from a tab or child can be selected.

    3. Once in a child button, a Go Back button and a Reset button will appear. Go back takes the user back one level within the tab. Reset takes them to the first level within the tab.

  3. Repeat 1 and 2 as often as necessary.

  4. Once all items have been rung up, whether using Quick Buttons or other methods of scanning or adding products to a sale, the sale can be completed as normal.


How To add a Tab for Quick Buttons

Adding and editing Quick Buttons is usually only for Manager or Admin level employees. To do this :

  1. Open the Cash Register module

  2. Click the Settings button

  3. Go to the Quick Buttons tab

  4. Click Add Tab to add a new tab.

  5. In the window that pops up type in a name for the new tab to be made.

  6. Click Save in the Tab Name window to save the new tab.

  7. Click Save when done adding tabs.


To add Quick Buttons to a tab

You can either add products directly on to the tab or make a child button that leads to a separate set of quick buttons or more child buttons. To add more buttons do the following :

  1. Open the Cash Register module

  2. Click the Settings button

  3. Go to the Quick Buttons tab

  4. Click the tab or child button you want to add items to.

  5. You can either add a child button or add a product.

    1. If you choose to add a child you will enter name and select a color for the button

    2. If you choose to add a product an Add Product window opens.

      1. In this window, you can search for the product you want to add as though it was the Products module. The drop-down will help narrow the search to barcodes, SKUs, categories etc.

      2. Select the item or items you want to add. Multiple items can be added at the same time.

      3. Select the color you want for the buttons using the drop-down menu

      4. Click Add Selected to add those items to that tab or child you have selected. (image has this marked as “iiii” because “iv” isn’t allowed in the markup software.)


    3. Repeat b as often as needed

  6. Repeat 4 and 5 as often as needed.

  7. Click Save when done adding child buttons and products.


Clicking save will force a restart of the Cash Register module and the new Tabs and Quick Buttons will not show up on any other Cash Register module open on other computers until it is restarted there as well. Bundles can also be made into Quick Buttons and some stores have also used them for discounts or coupons. As long as the Quick button is linked to a product or bundle with a SKU it will work.



If you want to delete or edit a product button, child button, or tab, highlight it in the Quick button settings tab and then a delete or manage button will appear for the time you selected. Managing a product will bring up that item in the products select menu and let you change the button color. Managing a child or tab will let you change the name and on the child button also change the color. The delete button will let you delete whatever type of button or tab it is.


If you delete a child or tab it will also delete all other items under them without warning. If you press that by accident you will need to hit the cancel button at the bottom to undo any changes. Once you hit save all changes will be locked in and the quick buttons cannot be recovered.