Your First Sale (Cash Register Quick Start Guide)

To ring up a sale you will need to either search for the item’s description or more commonly scan the item’s barcode.

To search for the item type its name into the Quick Entry / Search field.


To Scan First click in the Cash Register to make sure it is the current primary running app and then scan the barcode of an item to enter it. It will automatically scan and then bring up the item.

Once it finds the item it will be shown in the section to the left. Additional items can be added either manually or by scanning. The current total will be listed below.



After ringing up all of the customer’s items press Pay. This will bring up the payment window


You can select the payment method here by clicking on the type of payment the customer is going to use.

Credit Debit will be one of the most common. When it is selected a window will pop up asking to swipe, insert, or tap the payment card.

After the customer does this and follows any additional instructions on the pinpad (these may vary by pinpad model) the amount should show up under payments. You can click Finish at this point to complete the sale. This will bring up the Print Receipt window which will be shown further below.


The other most common method will be cash.

There will be several amounts in green across the top which are common amounts of cash that a customer might hand you. You can also click the Cash button which will automatically add the exact amount into the payments section. If you do click one of the green buttons it will complete the sale and go to the print receipt window. This window will allow you to print the receipt and then and then show you how much change to give back.


After giving the customer their receipt (if they want it) you are done. If there was cash involved make sure the drawer is closed afterwards.