Managing Customers

This article is for anyone who needs to learn how to manage customers.


Many stores want to record the information of their customers. This will let them advertise to them and enroll them in frequent buyer programs like Pinogy Loyalty Bonus Bucks, Petz, and Astro. This will also be required for many types of sales. Some stores require a customer’s information be gathered for every sale. Due to this, it is important to know how to add and select customers for a sale.

If they are a new customer you can hit the Plus in the customer section of the Cash register.

This will open up the Manage Customer window with a blank customer. Fill out the customer’s name, address, phone number, and email. Additional phone numbers and email addresses can be added by clicking the plus next to those fields.

Click Save when done. You may be asked about linking the customer to Astro or other programs.


If they are an existing customer click the magnifying glass to bring up Customer Management. In the search field type in some of the customer information and then hit enter to search for the customer. When the customer is found highlight the customer and then double click them or click Select.


Whether a new or existing customer they will now show up in the customer section of the sales window. The current Bonus Bucks amount will be listed if the store uses them. .


The sale can then be continued as normal



To manage customers you will want to go to the Customers Button in the Cash Register Module. This button is also in the Pet Tracker and House Accounts modules. Existing customers will be listed here. Search for the customer you need and then either double-click them or highlight and click Manage. The Mass Action options for a single customer are also included in the screenshot below. You can also delete a customer here if needed.



In the Manage Customer window, you can edit the information for the customer. We will go through the different tabs.


On the Contact Info tab (default tab that it opens to first)

  1. The name and business of the customer are edited here.

  2. The customer groups can be edited here. If they are set up, group discounts can be applied to the customer this way.

  3. Their address is edited here.

  4. Their birthday can be added here for birthday related advertising.

  5. Their Phone number is edited here. Select the type to set home, office, or mobile. Clicking the plus will let you add additional phone numbers.

  6. The email address is edited here. Clicking the plus will let you add additional phone numbers.

  7. The customer’s loyalty account number and bonus bucks are listed here. Depending on the employee role editing bonus bucks is possible here by clicking the pencil. This is usually limited to managers or admins.

  8. Tax exemptions are added here by clicking the pencil.

  9. If the store uses House Accounts they can be edited for the customer here.

  10. after any changes are made click Save.


On the Notes tab

  1. Warning - a warning about the customer for the cashiers - will show on the register.

  2. Info - extra info for the cashiers - will show on the register.

  3. Private/only shows here notes - extended notes about the customer - only shows on this screen.



On the Sales tab you can view information about this customer’s sales. This is useful for pulling up their past invoices for returns, etc.

  1. Start and End Date calendar menus - use these to set the time frame you want to look at.

  2. Type - what type of invoice you want to look at :


  3. Sum by Period - this will sort the displayed sales by events (sales, returns, etc) or a monthly total of items bought and the total sales.



The Frequent Buyer tab will show their enrollment status and rewards earned in the Frequent Buyer program.


The Astro Loyalty tab will allow you to link or unlink an account. It will show you the customer’s Astro ID number as well as any frequent buyer progress they currently have.


Amytime you make changes make sure to click Save to save the changes.