Your First Return (Cash Register Quick Start Guide)


If a customer wants to return an item this can be easily done. You will need to find the invoice number. It can be found on the receipt, by searching for the sale on the date, or by searching the sales history of the customer if they are registered in the system.


On the receipt, it can be found next to the line that says “Invoice:”



To search the sales history of a customer do the following :

  1. In the Cash Register module go to Customers.

  2. In Customers search for the customer.

  3. When found highlight them and click Manage or double-click them

  4. Go to the Sales tab.

  5. Set the Start and End date to around when the customer made the purchase.

  6. Find the items from that sale. The number column will have the invoice number for that sale.

Clicking on the invoice number will bring up the invoice.



You can also search with the Invoices tab.

  1. In the Cash Register click on the Invoices button.

  2. Enter the name of the customer in the search field.

  3. Adjust the dates to when the purchase occured.

  4. Determine which sale it was if there are multiples. Double clicking any of the sales that are brought will display the invoice so you can determine which it is.

Watch out for the Only At This Location checkbox if they did the purchase at a different store.




Once you have the invoice open it will look like this regardless of which method you used to find it. Click on Return Invoice to start the return process.



All of the sales items will be brought up on the Cash Register as though it was a sale. You do not have to refund all items. To do a partial return click the X next to the items NOT being returned. This will remove them from the final return invoice.

You will also want to click the pencil to mark any items that cannot be resold. A window will pop up and you will need to click Non Resalable to mark the items that cannot be resold.


After the items not being returned and any non resalable ones have been marked, click the Refund button. It will display the Items being refunded and should prompt you about refunding to the original payment method. Some stores require that returns go to store credit which is usually done to a gift card. If returning to a credit card some cards require the card to be present to verify it is a legitimate return. Click Finish once the payment method is determined.


A return receipt will be generated once complete.