Getting Started (Cash Register Quick Start Guide)

To access the Cash Register enter your login password.



After logging in you will have several buttons to choose from. The Sales button is the default to start on.



Sales is where sales, refunds, and other common cashier activities occur.


To use the Sales button you will need to start by opening the tray. This is done by clicking Tray Functions

This will give you the option to select an action in the window that appears. There are four buttons to choose from.

  1. Recount Tray - recounts the tray from a prior closing.

  2. Open Tray - opens the tray for use.

  3. Reprint the Last Closing Receipt

  4. Cancel - closes the window

Open Tray is the most commonly used option at this point. Clicking this will bring up an Open Cash Tray window. As part of opening the tray, you will have to count the cash in the drawer. Not doing this properly can cause issues later so please do this properly. Click the group of nine squares to activate the cash counter.

To make it easy you can count the number of each type of bill and coin. and it will tally those to give a dollar total.

After the money is counted it will return the amount in the drawer and you can open the tray. An open receipt may be printed if the checkbox in the bottom left is checked. It is store preference to print that or not. Click Open Tray when ready to start.


After the tray has opened products can be scanned and sales can be processed.