How to Turn on and Set Up Commissions

This article is for anyone who needs to know how to turn on and configure commissions in the Pinogy POS.



To turn on commissions :

  1. Open the Employee Dashboard

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on the Rewards tab

  4. On the Commissions tab put a check in Enable

  5. Set for All or Individual Locations

  6. Set the Commission Percentage Rate

  7. Set the drop-down for if the commission is based on Net or Profit

  8. Set the dropdown for if the commission to Ask on each Invoice, Default to Sales Person, or Only on Individual Lines.

  9. Click Save when done.


On the Commission Overrides tab you can set different commisions rates for specific employees.

  1. Click on Add to add an employee that you want to set the override for

  2. In the Manage Commission that appears use the Employee drop-down menu to select the employee

  3. Set the Commission Rate percentage.

  4. Click Save when Done.


To edit an existing override highlight the employee and click manage. It will have the same Manage Commission window except the employee can’t be changed. Highlight an employee and click Delete to delete an override.