Employee Dashboard - Getting Started

This article is for anyone who needs a guide on the Employee Dashboard module.



To access the Employee Dashboard enter your login password.

After login in the window will normally look like this :

Reports may not be visible depending on the logged in employee’s role level.


There will be several buttons across the top of the module you can use.


Time Clock

Time Clock is the default view when the module opens and is where an employee will clock in and out. The Clock In button will start their shift when clicked. It will change to a Clock Out button while they are clocked in. Clicking the Clock out button will be used to end that work period.

Each store will have their own policy on clocking in and out for breaks and lunches but in general clocking in and out for those is normal.

This will generate a log for the employee that will show when they clocked in and then later clocked out. It will also have the duration of the work period.



The employee can look at their time logs over a period of time by setting the date range using the calendar settings for Start Date and End Date.

Depending on the employee role, they may or may not be able to see other employee’s time by unchecking Only Me.

Manager and other Higher level employees can take that check out and search for other employees by their Name, Display name, or Employee ID. They can also leave it on smart search which should search all three of those.

Higher level employees also can add manual time by clicking new or deleting time by selecting a clocked in time and clicking Delete. These are logged and may need an explanation for the time adjustment.

When setting the date make sure that you are setting past time or you will get the following error :



Rewards will be used for an employee to check any commissions or tips they may have received if their location is set to give those.

The date range to show will be set and any Tips or Commissions earned during that time period will be shown.

Changing the drop-down menu from All Invoices to My Invoices will limit what is shown to just the logged-in employee.

Moving the dot from By Employee to By Invoice will let you see exactly which invoices gave any rewards and how much.

The Only At This Location is for employees who work at multiple stores and unchecking it lets them view all rewards earned at all stores.


Reports may not be visible to lower level employees.

There are several reports here that will list out totals and will let you view detailed information for employees depending on which report is selected.


Most reports have a PDF version and an XLS version. The XLS version can be opened in either Excel or LibreOffice or another spreadsheet program compatible with xls files.

Most Pinogy Point of Sale generated reports will have a menu to the right of the list of reports. This menu will have three tabs : Generate, Scheduled, and Settings

The Generate tab lets you make report and set their date range and specify a location. All locations is also an option if there are multiple locations.

There are several options you can put a dot into for specified time periods or by selecting custom it will bring up a period of time to set by using the calendar dropdowns.


The Scheduled tab will let you set a scheduled time that the selected report will be automatically generated and sent to the email address specified in the logged-in employee’s information. This applies to all Pinogy Reports.

To do this :

  1. Go to Reports in the module you want to send a report from.

  2. Select the report you want to schedule

  3. Click on the Scheduled tab

  4. In the Manage Report Schedule window that appears select a specific location or all locations as needed.

  5. Select the time period you want the report for (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

  6. Select the date you want to start receiving reports on. If you want weekly or longer time frame you will want to select which day you want the first report to be sent on.

  7. Set how often you want to receive the report.

  8. Select what time you want to receive the report. All options are on the hour.

  9. Once done click Add


The email will be sent to the email address of the person who set the scheduled report. This will be listed at the top of the scheduled report’s settings. Other individuals will need to set the same report under their user account to send to their email addresses. If the report is sent to a shared email address this is not needed.

Once a report is scheduled it will appear in in the list. Double-clicking on it or highlighting it and then clicking Manage will let you go back and adjust it’s settings. The window will look the same as the the window to create a scheduled report except instead of Add it will say Update. The scheduled report can also be disabled or deleted here.




The Settings tab lets you select which Module or appliactions the reports can be viewed under as well as which roles have permissions to view the report. Use the Drop down menus to select these.





The reports can be either PDF or XLS files. They will be marked with (xls) if it makes an xls otherwise it will be a pdf.

Most XLS files generated will have a Summary and Detail sheets. There may be more depending on the specific report but usually there are at least those 2 sheets.

The Summary sheet will usually total all of the requested data.


The Details sheet will usually have all of the line items seperated.









The following buttons are standard across the modules although the settings button’s contents can change depending on the module.

Refresh - refreshes the current view of the module

Log out - logs out the current user

Settings - shows additional settings for the module - will be unique to the module

Help - show the help window

? - activates “What’s This” mode which gives info on what is clicked on




Settings - specific to Employee Dashboard - should only be available to or editable by higher-level employees

The Settings button on the Employee Dashboard module contains two tabs, Work and Rewards.

The Work tab lets you set Maximum Work Hours for a daily period. NICK IS THIS CORRECT? What happens if they go over? Is it daily?

Click save after changing the number of hours.


The Rewards tab has three tabs under it for setting the rewards.

The Commissions tab lets you enable and configure Commissions.

To do so :

  1. Open the Employee Dashboard

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on the Rewards tab

  4. On the Commissions tab put a check in Enable

  5. Set for All or Individual Locations

  6. Set the Commission Percentage Rate

  7. Set the drop-down for if the commission is based on Net or Profit

  8. Set the dropdown for if the commission to Ask on each Invoice, Default to Sales Person, or Only on Individual Lines.

  9. Click Save when done.


On the Commission Overrides tab you can set different commisions rates for specific employees.

  1. Click on Add to add an employee that you want to set the override for

  2. In the Manage Commission that appears use the Employee drop-down menu to select the employee

  3. Set the Commission Rate percentage.

  4. Click Save when Done.


To edit an existing override highlight the employee and click manage. It will have the same Manage Commission window except the employee can’t be changed. Highlight an employee and click Delete to delete an override.



The Tips tab lets you enable Tips with the check box and then set if the tips are taxed with the dropdown menu. Save when done. You will also need to turn on the Tips Add On as detailed on this page : https://pinogy.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PP/pages/3250683907