Cash Register hangs or goes unresponsive

When trying to complete a sale or open/close the register the Cash Register will hang or become unresponsive


The most common cause is stuck print jobs.

To fix this go to the printer and clear any stuck or error state print jobs.

In Windows do the following :

Click Start or your Windows symbol then click the Gear or Settings. In Settings choose Devices.

Once you are in Devices click on Printers & Scanners. There you will see a list of printers. Look for your Receipt printer or the printer used for Pet Paperwork if those are sold at your location. It may have the word error next to it. If it does then you need to check to make sure the printer is plugged in and powered on. Click Open Queue And check to see if there are any print jobs that have errors or are stuck.

Click Printer at the top of the window and then hit Cancel All Documents. This will clear out any print jobs that may be preventing the printer from functioning. You may have to cancel any stuck documents multiple times.

After this go back to the cash register and see if it has unlocked. If it has proceed as normal. If not you may need to force it to quit by using End Task or even restarting the computer. Reopen the Cash Register and it should function properly. If not call us at 877-360-7381.