Application Hangs when Starting


When you try to open any Pinogy POS application, it starts but the screen remains disabled/greyed out. You can not enter your password to login when this happens.


Testing : Try to open Settings and Configuration. It does not use winbag so if it opens then it is a winbag issue. If it does not open then proceed to Solution.


  1. Open a Windows Explorer window.

  2. Go to ‘%appdata%/Pinogy POS/’.

  3. Open the user.ini file. If the file looks completely empty when you open it, then delete it, and continue. If it has text in it, then stop at this point as this article is not where your issue is.

  4. Relaunch the Cash Register Application. If it now opens correctly, go to Settings.

  5. Set the receipt printer, receipt format, and zebra printer if there is a zebra printer on that system. If there is a zebra printer, you also need to open Products, then go to settings and set the labels that the store uses. (Ask the person at the store if you don’t know which to select.)