Pinogy POS Training Guide: House Accounts - Accounts

This how-to will go cover.

  • Creating a new House Account

  • How to view Activity

  • Adding Authorized Users

  • Add/Edit contact information.

  • Pay on a House Account

  • How to run Statements from Mass Action

Creating a new House Account.

First, open the House Account Module, then select the ‘New’ button in the bottom right.

This window requires at a minimum, an ‘Account Name’ and a ‘Credit Limit’.

If the customer has an existing customer record, select the Ellipses […]. Use this window to search for the customer.

'Authorized Customers' tab will allow you to add additional customers authorized for the house account.

Contact Info allows you to add their phone, email and address for billing.

‘Locations’ tab allows you to set which location that the House Account can be used.

When a customer wants to pay on their House Account select the Balance with the open status and press pay now. The Cash Register module will open for payment.

To run statements, select which accounts you need statements for, press ‘Mass Action’, then choose the statement type you want.

Print Full Statement includes the invoices that accumulated the balance.

Print Statement will allow you to select a date range. It will include the invoices that accumulated the balance as well as any previous balances within that specified date range.