Pinogy POSHow to manually import an E-Invoice

How to manually import an E-Invoice

This document provides instructions on how to manually import an e-invoice into Purchasing & Receiving.


E-Invoices is only available for PIDB Suppliers. If the supplier you are looking for is not listed in the dropdown in Purchasing & Receiving, that supplier needs to be mapped to PIDB. If it’s not available in PIDB, contact PIDB support with the suppliers name, and contact information and that supplier can then be setup for you.

Most suppliers can send the e-invoice directly to PIDB. In this scenario, the e-invoice gets normalized and loaded automatically for you. You can then start this process from step 14.

  1. If your E-Invoice is in an email, save your e-invoice onto your computer's filesystem.

  2. Confirm your E-Invoice has a single row header record for each column. This is a requirement for the system to be able to identify the file and give you the ability to map its columns. The e-invoice to be imported has to have the following information in columns: Barcode/UPC, Supplier SKU, Description, Cost, and Shipped Quantity.

  3. Open Purchasing & Receiving.

  4. Go to the E-Invoices section.


  5. Click on Import.

  6. Select the Supplier the E-Invoice is for from the Supplier dropdown.

  7. Optionally select the original PO in the next dropdown.

  8. Click on Select File, and browse your computer till you find the e-invoice file.

  9. If you get back the message “The Selected File Format is not Recognized. Map the Fields to the Associated Types to Continue.”, then that means we don’t recognize that file format. You will need to continue through steps 10-15. If you don’t get this message, then you can jump to step 11.


  10. Map each of the fields under step two to the correct column in the uploaded file. The dropdowns will show you the header record (1st row) from the uploaded file for you to match against.

  11. Press the Submit button. You will receive back a message that the “Import File has been accepted. It may take a few minutes before it will appear.”

  12. The E-Invoice will show with Pending under the E-Inv Created On field until the processing has been completed. This generally takes a minute or two, but can take longer at times.

  13. The Pending status under E-Inv Created On will change to the date once processing has been completed.

  14. Open the E-Invoice

  15. Select the PO # if applicable

  16. Select any lines that say New Product, and click on Add

  17. Update any information from PIDB that you might want changed. Make sure you fill in a Markup or Price on the product (1), and then press Save (2). If you select multiple products like in this example, you can see which product number you are on by looking in the top right corner of the screen (3).

  18. Continue adding new product till all records show “Product in POS”. At that point, you are ready to click on “Send to Receiving”