How to use Mass Action to sync a large number of products with PIDB

This article is for anyone who needs to sync their products with our PIDB database to fill out the product information for display on a Pinogy E-Commerce website.


Products that are shown on a Pinogy E-Commerce website can have their marketing text, ingredients, nutritional information, images, and more shown on the website. These can be synced with our PIDB database to automatically fill out that information.

To sync the products do the following steps :

  1. Open the Products module.

  2. Select the products you want to sync. Highlighting one and using the CTRL+A keys will select all products on that page. Setting the total products per page to 500 will speed this up.

  3. Click the Mass Action button.

  4. Select PIDB Sync and double-click it or highlight it and click Select.

  5. Select which items you want to sync. The most common selections for E-Commerce will be listed below in a separate image.

  6. Click Save when done.


Be careful when selecting what to sync. Most stores have their own Description, Category, and Sub Category systems and syncing those will wipe out those settings.

The most common settings used for syncing for E-Commerce are :


These settings will handle most of the needs of E-Commerce sites. MAP pricing may be needed in the future depending on what a manufacturer requires.