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  1. Open the app store on the Ipad.

  2. Search for Pinogy Pet Adoption Tablet app.

  3. Select the Pinogy Pet Adoption Tablet app to go into its details.


  4. Use the download Icon to download and install the app on to the Ipad.


  5. Open the app after installing using the icon that should appear on the Ipads desktop. The icon will look like


  6. On the first time running the software and everytime until it is successfully linked to the Pinogy POS, you will be prompted to link it to the Pinogy POS. To do this follow the instruction instructions on the following guide for adding mobile devices to the Pinogy POS. Make sure the camera on the Ipad is not blocked when trying to scan the QR code.

    How to generate a QR Code for adding a new mobile device to access the POS